Y Croire

Y Croire is a project that is simultaneously economical, personal, and entrepreneurial, which was initiated by Pierre Gattaz, the former President of MEDEF and current President of BusinessEurope. Y croire is an endowment fund, incubation program, and television show that focuses on a pool of French entrepreneurs in search of bold creativity. While looking for future partners to make this project a reality, we designed the communication strategy and visual identity of the project. They were created in the image of future French entrepreneurs. The word “Y Croire” was composed in capital letters, using linear typography, providing stability. Each letter is then replaced by an illustration, which is representative of the entrepreneurial dynamic and flow of ideas that motivate each entrepreneur. The abundance of illustrations and the use of bold colors place humankind at the heart of this identity and solidify the values of exchange and mutual aid that it embodies.

Creative team :
Strategy : Laure Adélaïde

Graphic design : Vincent Desclaux

Illustration : Maxime Mouysset

Visual identity and communication strategy for the Y Croire project, 2018.