We love green

In 2016, the festival We Love Green requested design proposals for their outdoor scenography concerning innovative and eco-friendly issues: natural design, plant architecture, overhead structures, temporary gardens, outdoor furniture, and original artwork. We designed Light-House as a versatile space, a platform and place to meet up with friends during the festival. Between artistic installation, furniture design, and objects that the public could operate, Light House was like a beacon. The installation emitted light signals that could be seen above the crowd. Light House's strobe effects were powered by festival-goers using low-tech pulley systems that moved mirror filters over LED beams.

Creative team :
Textile design : Nina Ballay
Product design : Stéven Coëffic
Scénography : Jimme Cloo, Marion Flament
Graphic design : Alexandre Rodrigues
Product design : Camille Zonca

Outdoor scenography, Light House, for the festival We Love Green, Bois de Vincennes, 2016.