The New Living Wood exhibition organized by VIA (Valorisation de l’Innovation dans l’Ameublement) aims to develop wood as a material in the buildings of tomorrow, through models constructed by students in design and architecture from LISAA and Martinière Diderot. We designed the scenography of this exhibition by combining two ideas representing the production of paper and the way we use it. On one side, there was a wooden log rolled out to produce veneer. On the other side, we used large blue photographic backgrounds, which are traditionally used to enhance objects while photographing. We placed cylindrical shapes emblematic of tree trunks in the exhibition area and rolled out large sheets of paper that wrapped around these pedestals to structure the space of the gallery. The paper was also connected to other objects representing a wood production line. In addition to that, an exhibition catalog was designed in accordance with the scenography.

Creative team :
Product design : Simon Boldrini, Loic Notaroberto
Scénography : Marion Flament
Graphic design : Louis Ziéglé

Scenography, signage, and catalog for the New Living Wood exhibition at Galerie Le French Design by VIA, Paris, 2017.