Bouygues Immobilier

Valorissimo is an intermediation platform part of Bouygues Immobilier, launched in March 2018. It is one of the most efficient platforms on the market for developers and real estate intermediaries. The project revolved around an innovative and high-performing technological platform; nevertheless, at the heart of the new identity, we wanted to retain the brand’s vision by incorporating a more human aspect. Our motivation was to create a world of trust and anchor the brand around a strong, smooth, and welcoming identity to earn the loyalty of intermediaries and developers. We came up with lettering that deciphers the current digital behavior. Each letter design is elegant, concise, and uniform, plus the contraction between the “I” and the “M" translates our notions of fluidity and speed. These two points convey more human characteristics and illustrate an exchange and collaboration through various media. Accompanied by the brand’s signature, the entire visual identity is both contemporary and timeless, one in which each shape and color has a meaning.

Creative team :
Creative direction image : Cyril Quenet
Creative direction product : Camille Zonca

Writing : Joëlle Elhajj

Graphic design : Thomas Fournier, Alban Leven
Strategy : Raphaëlle Daguerre

Photography : Claire Bourrassé

Illustration : Camille Potte

Global identity, strategic positioning, logo, visual identity, media, and custom-made objects for the Valorissimo platform, 2019.