Trucy is a French holding company with several activities: consulting, investment, and non-profit. Trucy’s role is to support their clients and partners while developing their projects. The creation of an identity for this group had to take into account the diversity of these activities. The challenge of creating Trucy's visual identity was twofold. It was a matter of finding a way to represent connections between areas of activity and customers while showing two major values of the company: originality and the art of getting to the point. The five letters that make up Trucy were designed specifically for the logo. In order to demonstrate their differences, some letters were carved out by a 45-degree “cut”. The “cut" is a way typographers end a letter. From this typographical detail came “cutogramme", a graphic symbol illustrating the link between Trucy and their partners.

Creative team :
Strategy : Laure Adélaïde

Graphic design : Ariane Delahaye

Product design : Jonathan Roditi

Visual identity and strategic positioning for the Trucy holding company, 2018.