Le Square Gardette

Square Gardette is a French bistro, which resembles a family home, and is located at the heart of the 11th district of Paris. Its charming interior is defined by the variegated décor, vintage wallpaper, retro lamps, and works of art. You can eat there at any time of the day and even sleep there thanks to the small apartment situated above the restaurant. We designed a visual identity that makes Square Gardette a true space of expression. One where each element can be embellished with design: the menus, the beverage menu, the table service, etc. The circle, symbolizing a clock and time, is the central feature of the identity. It can be seen on every menu, which can vary according to the hour of the day: breakfast, lunch, snack, aperitif, and dinner. The visual background on each menu exhibits a decorative detail of the restaurant, a nod to the warm atmosphere and poetic environment that radiates from this Parisian bistro.

Creative team : 

Strategy : Anne Bourrassé

Graphic design : Cyril Quenet
Product design : Camille Zonca

Visual identity for the restaurant, Square Gardette, Paris, 2018.