Sncf Réseau Film

For the launch of their program Nouvel’R, SNCF Réseau wanted to portray their new strategic vision in a film, which would present their current network and development. We suggested doing a film, "SNCF, Réseau du futur”, a naturalistic depiction that highlights the trades that make up this French railway group in a poetic and artistic manner. Beams of light are strong symbols in our film; they represent the energy dispersed by the company daily. This is an expression of a living force in motion that invites us to feel the vastness of the network: a human, railway, digital, technological, economical, and nationwide set up by SNCF Réseau for today and the future.

Creative team :
Video : Johanna Benaïnous, Elsa Parra

Scenography : Marion Flament

Graphic design : Thomas Fournier
Product design : Jonathan Omar
Writing : Laura Verquere

Film screened during an internal presentation for the program Nouvel’R, sponsored by SNCF Réseau, Paris, 2018.