Sncf Innovation & Recherche

The Matinale de l’Innovation was an event initiated by SNCF Innovation & Recherche. The objective was to imagine, visualize, and build the SNCF of tomorrow with the leaders of the group's various sectors. We designed the experience of this matinale according to a 3-part division: the time of information, time of experience, and time of exchange. We thought of a global scenario that contributed to an immersive scenography capable of transforming during different moments. The invited leaders evolved in their path at the same pace as the scenography, moving from spectators to participants. From visual identity to 3D film creation and custom-made furniture, we infused contemporary visual components to embody a futuristic and inspiring vision of SNCF.

Creative team :
Product design : Stéven Coëffic
Multimedia design : Victoria Duchatelle

Service design : Florent Lenormand

Graphic design : Camille de Noray

Motion design : Dylan Cote-Colisson

Immersive scenography, custom-made furniture, visual identity, and videos for La matinale de l’innovation event organized and sponsored by SNCF Innovation & Recherche, Saint Denis, 2017.