Shangxia FW19

The luxury brand Shang Xia (Hermès), specializing in traditional Chinese craftwork, revamped their Instagram by creating animated content geared towards a younger audience for their Fall/Winter 2019 collection. In collaboration with the agency Saltimbanque, we explored the gaming universe in order to bring an entertaining and playful tone to the brand. We were able to tell short stories about the brand's products by employing principles of diversion via video media. We used developed techniques of composition, lighting, and mirrors for the set design, to stage the collections in varied settings such as an architectural still life, summer landscape, and even an abstract pastel universe.

Creative team :
Set design : Manon Beriot
Photography : Johanna Benaïnous

Set of 10 short videos for the Fall/Winter 2019 collection, released on Shang Xia's Instagram account. Project in collaboration with Saltimbanque.