Sella & Mosca

Sella & Mosca is a Sardinian winery founded in 1899. Even though years of experience are typically a sign of quality, Sella & Mosca, nevertheless, wanted to modernize their visual communication. We achieved this by maintaining their authentic values and craftsmanship, recognized notably in the design of their logo: five men pressing grapes sportively into a jar, by employing a traditional method dating back to Ancient Egypt. For Sella & Mosca, we entirely redesigned the figures on the logo, by working the contrast between the outline and shading to produce a symbol that is legible at different scales. The typography was also designed specifically for the brand and it borrows from traditional components of luxury by assuming a spontaneous, almost naive design. Together the symbol and typography propel the brand into a contemporary universe.

Creative team : 

Graphic design : Cyril Quenet
Illustration : Agoston Palinko

Logo design for Sella & Mosca, 2018. Project in collaboration with Saltimbanque.