PSL Research University is a collegiate university, created in 2010 by Parisian schools imbued with profound culture and history, which value entrepreneurial drive and freedom of thought. The challenge was to bring these institutions together around a new identity. This identity was released as a collection of items intended for students and staff alike. We designed the first collection of PSL Research University items (bags, hard drives, notebooks, pencils, etc.) for students and staff members returning to school for the start of the academic year. Each institution is an element of a network; we translated this idea into a visual using dots that symbolize the different entities and their connections. Depending on the item, shapes may slightly change, but maintain the homogeneity of the collection.

Creative team :
Graphic design : Cyril Quenet, Louis Ziéglé
Product design : Camille Zonca

Collection of items for Paris Sciences & Lettres - PSL Research University, Paris, 2018.