Galerie Poc

POC, an association, founded in 2006 in Marseille, aims to create social links through their various activities (art sales, coffee shop, gallery, etc.) while providing a unique experience. POC called on Label Famille to create their identity through strong artistic expression rooted in their territory. First, the visual identity had to link all the different activities that take place there. Based on an architectural stencil, a drawing tool with shapes corresponding to lines of furniture, the visual identity is displayed in different media and objects. Finally, in parallel to the visual identity, the lexical field of each activity was used in reference to the title of their debut collection, Pièce à vivre. The communication associated with the visual identity, therefore, highlights the new concept for the POC gallery.

Creative team : 

Graphic design : Adrien Burnet, Adrien D’Houdain
Curation : Chloé Curci

Visual identity for the POC Gallery in Marseille, 2017.