For Plumbum, a designer furniture manufacturer, we created Tchin. Tchin is a contemporary style liquor trolley with a burlesque vibe, which offers a way to both exhibit and veil one’s liquor. Three backlit shelves are superposed to enhance the liquor display. Also, one can place their liquor behind a curtain of translucent tubes, creating a cloaking effect that leads to a game of hide-and-seek. When the cocktail hour rolls around, choosing a bottle from beyond the translucent curtain produces a chime-like melody. Placing Tchin inside a hotel room or next to a comfortable lounge chair, helps bring to life a truly unique moment that is gustatory, harmonious, and visually vibrant. Tchin was exhibited at the Salone del Mobile in Milan in April 2018, at Private Choice during FIAC in October 2018, and at the Galerie le French Design by VIA as part of the Incubateur French Design exhibition from December 2018 to February 2019.

Creative team :
Social design : Déborah Janssens
Textile design : Philipine Klahr

Product design : Camille Zonca

An alcohol serving cart designed for Plumbum, VIA Incubator, 2018.