Impact is a digital magazine with unconventional content that focuses on global issues concerning innovation and emerging business, humanitarian crises, international relations, and societal and political reflections. For their launch, Impact wanted a visual identity that reflected the spirit of the magazine, an atypical and nuanced approach to current events. We constructed the visual identity in homage to Uderzo's comic book to support the origin of the magazine while adding a touch of French pop culture humor. The symbols from specially designed comics create a repertoire of shapes around the logo. This contributes to the magazine’s vocation of sharing and informing. By using movement in digital media, the visual identity is rhythmic and dynamic. The identity was adapted to an online platform as well as print and digital communication visuals.

Creative team : 

Graphic design : Adrien Burnet, Adrien D’Houdain, Cyril Quenet

Visual identity for the digital magazine, Impact, Paris, 2016.