Icade, a French real-estate developer, renewed their residency in Aubervilliers for the second year in a row, combining art, design, and technology. For Icade, we proposed scenography and custom-made furniture separated into three distinct spaces: workshop, carpentry, and co-working. The defining feature is the modularity and the convergence of these spaces. The layout of Art&Design Lab by Icade encourages exchanges and collaborations between resident artists, designers, and Icade employees. Thus, entirely dedicated to creation, innovation, and sharing of expertise. We developed a collection of natural raw wood furniture with sculptural mosaic seating areas and colorful filter partitions that divide the space with light and color.

Creative team :
Product design: Loïc Notaroberto
Art: Maximillien Pellet

Scenography and custom-made furniture for Art&Design Lab by Icade, Aubervilliers, 2018.