Galerie Squaresquaresquare

Located in the 11th district of Paris, Squaresquaresquare is a versatile studio with a gallery feel, which was designed as a work and exhibition space. This space is filled with several of our signature objects, an exhibition pillar, which also functions as a table leg during working hours and can be found in Squaresquaresquare’s visual identity. These pillars facilitate the transformation of a workspace into an exhibition space to host various events throughout the year. In this creative space, we launched our first exhibition program, putting together a line-up of different artists ranging from architects to designers. Between the months of October 2017 and May 2018, we invited nine Label Famille members to fill the space with their work. The focus of our artistic direction was to work together on the curation, visual communication, and scenography of these events.

Creative team :
Strategy : Anne Bourrassé
Scenography : Jimme Cloo, Marion Flament
Product design : Stéven Coëffic, Camille Zonca
Curation : Chloé Curci
Writing : Rémi Dias Das Almas
Graphic design : Agathe Joubert, Cyril Quenet, Pauline Vialatte de Pémille
Culinary design : Luz Moreno

Artistic direction of the Squaresquaresquare work and exhibition space, Paris, 2017. Project in collaboration with Saltimbanque.