110 meters is the maximum length of traditional woven fabric in Morocco. It is from this measurement and creative constraint that we designed the capsule collection “Di-visions” in collaboration with the brand Djebeli. A roll of pattern-woven textiles, designed by Label Famille and entirely handmade in Tangier by Djebeli’s weavers, was divided and turned into 30 unique pieces: a variety of cushions, bags, and sun loungers. Each of these items is a fragment of a single ten-meter long graphic composition. The four colors that make up the pattern of this fabric deviate from traditional aspects of Moroccan weaving, to offer a collection full of radical and contemporary colors. A link between design and traditional craftsmanship, this process of co-creation, born from different visions, explores the technical, aesthetic, and cultural boundaries of weaving.

Creative team : 

Graphic design : Charles Levai
Fashion design : Rebecca Renault
Product design : Camille Zonca

Di-visions, a 30-piece capsule collection, in collaboration with the brand Djebeli, Paris, 2017.