The French candle brand Diptyque launched a flash campaign for their "City Candles" collection, made especially for cities around the world. To promote this project, Diptyque wanted to create visual content that would make a significant impact. To highlight the seven candles in the “City Candles” collection, we decided to create a series of three images that explore a new type of system between set design and art installation. Through different background compositions and reframing, we composed a visual universe that disrupts the images’ perception. The candles are centered around various objects, materials, and elements that evoke an almost cosmological atmosphere. Each image is a new still life tableau, with an aesthetic that brings back the contemporary spirit of the brand.

Creative team :
Set design : Marion Flament
Photography : Maxime Leyvastre

Photographs and set design for the City Candles collection, posted on Diptyque's Instagram account, 2018.