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The debate on energy is all too often represented as a caricature. Dominique Mockly, CEO of Teréga (formerly known as TIGF), brings a unique, non-traditional perspective on key factors for a successful energy transition. The cover of the book Le pari gaz, therefore, had to illustrate this mindset. To show the concinnity of Dominique Mockly's ecological statements, we decided to emphasize the relationship between illustration and typography. The choice of a simple illustration with deep solid colors makes the subject matter accessible and supports the contemporary message of the book. The design shows continuity between gas processing facilities for ecological purposes and a natural landscape. Selecting large-format typography designed by Alex Chavot (a young French typographer) gives the title the same importance as the illustrated vignettes.

Creative team :
Graphic design : Edwin Bonnaffé, Louis Ziéglé

Illustration : Maxime Mouysset

Cover illustration and layout for Dominique Mockley’s book Le pari du gaz, 2018.