How can we offer a simple and intuitive service based on open data to resolve the high influx in the Caisse des Allocations Familiales’ branches ? This is the question we asked ourselves. To answer it and to meet the needs of beneficiaries and agents alike, we proposed the Apic service. A service that via a digital platform allows CAF branches to be proactive and offer themed group meetings to their beneficiaries. Blending digital and social aspects, Apic aims to promote collaborative values within public service. Thanks to this tool, beneficiaries with similar problems receive support from a CAF agent who helps them to make a request for assistance. From the creation of the algorithm to the design of the service and visual identity, the Apic service is a tool that was thought through in its totality. Also, it can be implemented in different companies.

Creative team : 

Strategy : Anne Bourrassé
Data scientist : Simon Maby
Graphic design : Cyril Quenet
Service design: Mehdi Vilquin
Product design : Camille Zonca

Web development, graphic design, and visual identity for the Apic platform. First prize in the Hackathon organized by CNAF, 2017.